Jo Paulsen in Jamaica

“Jamaica: The Only Land on Earth Where Everything is Unique” is the latest film from Jo Paulsen, who previously directed “Viva La Vida.” “Stunningly accurate” (The Associated Press), this film,

“Jamaican,” in this case, is a misnomer since many aspects of the film are filmed on Jamaica’s island. “Stunningly accurate” (The Associated Press), this film, “tells the story of a New Yorker who immigrated to Jamaica after World War II. After arriving there, he went back to his original homeland and opened a clothing store on Jamaica’s West Coast. He made an effort to create an atmosphere of love and family at the store.

Jo Paulsen’s characters include both white and black men. The main character, Frank, is white, but all the supporting characters are black men. The majority of the film is centered around Frank’s son, Joe.

In an interview with The Independent in 1998, Jo Paulsen said, “My own experience has been that my own experiences have been most important. I would not like to be black and write a story about the problems of white Jamaicans, for example. So for me, it’s been my experiences that matter.”

For many viewers, Jo Paulsen’s characters may represent an opportunity to visit Jamaica and experience first hand the life that many of these characters lead. Whether or not you decide to go to Jamaica or not, the message will always remain true to those who have immigrated: There is no need to be second best.

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As the years go by, Jo Paulsen is expecting to make more films. He hopes to have a successful career that includes more African influence. To accomplish this, he has to keep writing and directing various characters that are all African. Inspired.

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